The Jawa-ČZ 250cc Type 353/04 Type ‘A’ ‘Kývačka’

History of Jawa

JAWA is a motorcycle and moped manufacturer founded in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1929 by František Janeček, who bought the motorcycle division of Wanderer. The name JAWA was established by concatenating the first letters of Janeček and Wanderer. In the past, especially in the 1950s, JAWA was one of the top motorcycle manufacturers and exported its 350 (Pérák) into over 120 countries. Another famous model in the 1970s was the 350 Californian. It appeared in the typical black and red coloring from Californian beaches to New Zealand. After 1990, there was a significant loss of production. A successor company was formed in 1997 in Týnec nad Sázavou, continuing the name as JAWA Moto.

The Jawa 250cc Type 353/04 Type ‘A’ ‘Kývačka’ — Czech for ‘swinging’ denoting the swinging arm rear suspension — was chosen to spearhead the brand’s debut in the country.

Kývačka was the first mass-produced motorcycle that had a sprung rear fork with a pair of silencers that were fastened between the rear swingarm and the frame. After its predecessor, the swinging engine inherited the engine, which had the same twin-engine design for gearing and starting. The frame had a completely new design, in which a rear swinging fork intersecting with its holster bolt was placed at the rear of the frame. The front telescopic fork had a completely new design inside the support tubes of the coil springs in the oil filling. The wheels were changed from 19-inch wheels to 16-inch. The two separate saddles that were in the penguin were replaced by a more comfortable two-seater, which was the third storage space for a variety of objects. Since 1957, type 353/04 has been produced, which at first glance has been distinguished by cigar exhausts instead of doves and a switch box on the reflector mask instead of the tank.

Production in India 

Production was carried out directly in India by Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd based out of Mysore. Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd sold licensed Jawa motorcycles beginning in 1960 under the brand name Jawa and from 1973 as Yezdi. The catchphrase for the bikes sold by the firm was “Forever Bike Forever Value”. The Yezdi factory was located along the railway line which heads to Mysore Junction. The factory was inaugurated by the then Governor of Mysore State, H.H Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, Maharaja of Mysore in 1961.

Jawa and Yezdi bikes, especially the ones with fuel tank paddings and ignition systems on the fuel tank are now collectors items. The company stopped production in 1996.

Jawa-ČZ 250cc Type 353/04 Type ‘A’ ‘Kývačka’


Company : Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd
Production years : 1960-1973
Engine : Two-stroke , air cooled single cylinder with 249 cm³ displacement
Bore : 65 mm
Stroke : 75 mm
Fuel Intake : Carburetor Jikov 2926SB
Power : 9 kW (12 hp) at 4750 rpm.
Transmission : four-speed, secondary chain drive
Suspension stroke : 130 mm front, 125 mm rear
Brakes : front drum, rear drum
Tyres : front 3.25×16, rear 3.50×16
Wheelbase : 1318 mm
Dimensions :1980 mm (l), 670 mm (w), 1025 mm (h)
Seat height : 780 mm
Tank capacity : 13 l / 0.5 l reserve
Frame : Welded from Square profiles
Front tyre size : 3.25 / 16
Rear tyre size : 3.25 / 16
Front rim size : 1.85Bx16
Rear rim size : 1.85Bx16
Dynamo output voltage : 6V DC
Dynamo output power : 45W
Battery : 6V-14Ah ground plus (+)
Battery fuse : 15A
Dry weight : 132 kg
Curb weight : 142 kg
Load capacity (payload) : 160kg
Maximum speed : 105 km / h
Fuel consumption : 3.2 l / 100km

Recreated Jawa 353/04 and Yezdi Model ‘B’ Owners Manual :

I was looking for a Indian version of Jawa 353/04 Owners Manual. After some searching online, I found a scanned PDF copy of Owners Manual in a Blog related to Old Indian Motorcycle Manuals. The quality of scan was not great. So I started to recreate a similar version with the original content. Here is the link to the recreated version. Do provide your feedback about corrections and changes on or in the comments section.

Downloads : Recreated Ideal Jawa ‘Jawa 353/04’ and ‘Yezdi B Model’ Owners Manual

Jawa 353 Yezdi B Model Owners Manual